Southern Counties Boundaries (Southern Counties Baseball Association)

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Southern Counties Boundaries

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If you live within these boundaries you must first register with the SCBA. A player cannot register with any local outside the Southern Counties affiliate without approval. Refer to the Constitution for the process of seeking a release to play for a neighbouring affiliate.

Description of Southern Counties Boundaries as approved in the OBA Constitution
Starting at Port Maitland, north along County Road to Highway 3, excluding Dunnville and Cayuga, to Highway 54; then north on Highway 54 to and including Caledonia; then north on Highway 6 to the boundary of the former Region of Hamilton-Wentworth; then west along the boundary of Hamilton-Wentworth to Highway 99; then west along Highway 99 to Highway 24; then south on Highway 24, excluding Brantford; then west along the former Highway 53 to Muir Line (Brant-Oxford County Line); south on Muir Line to Curries Road; west on Curries Road and north on Rural Road (Cedar Line) to Sweaburg Road (Oxford Rd 12). Turn west on Sweabrug Road to Oxford Road 6 (Foldens Road). Turn north on Oxford Road 6 to Highway 2 (Governors Road). Proceed west on Governor's Road, excluding Thamesford, to County Road 73 (Elgin Road); south on County Road 73 to Elgin County Road 52 (Ron McNeil Line); west on County Road 52 to County Road 35 (Springwater Road); south on County Road 35, across Highway 3, to County Road 45 (John Wise Line); then East on County Road 45 to County Road 73 (Imperial Road); south on County Road 73 to Lake Erie, including Port Bruce.